Health Network KAZERUN

KAZERUN city of Shiraz in the West a distance of 155 km from north to south and southwest of the city Mamasani to the province and the southeastern portion of the city Firoozabad is limited and includes Jarreh and Baladh , clay and Kmarj , Kvhmrh , Chnarshahyjan and is a central part .

The city of about 2/4548 square kilometers with 263 resident and non- resident village " Many " and is migrating tribes .

According to the 1391 census KAZERUN city of 184,263 people in 39,889 urban and 28,038 rural households Khanvarshhry with a rural population of 131 592 , which has a total population of 315,529 .

Network president responsible for coordinating health services in the public sector , community participation , intersectoral coordination and supervision of the private sector .

Health Network, in addition to the two units under the Health Center , Shahid Pyrvyan and Vali Asr , the network has several administrative units of the administrative units , including accounting , information technology , staffing , public affairs management, food Vdarv monitoring, management , secretariat , the buildings, facilities and installations is .

The Department of Primary Health Care and related tasks :

Vice president of network management : responsible for tracking and project management was implemented to remove all city area and also guardian Vali Asr is responsible .

Deputy Health Network : Darpygyry responsible to make all health projects implemented and supervised by the city health department is responsible for Shahid Pyrvyan KAZERUN and units .

Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs Network: All schools and administrative and financial follow instructions, circulars , supervising the implementation of staffing and other administrative units of the network and perform all administrative and financial communications within and outside the system as well as monitoring performance Bond Administration hospital and Health Center Asr ( aj ) is responsible .

KAZERUN city building health systems that all administrative units Vmrkzbhdasht city 1500 sqm land area of ​​6000 square meters KAZERUN Radrbrdard Bazyrbnay established in 1358 was put into operation in 1362 Grdydvdrsal
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