bullet3.pngDemographic information on the census in 1392 Kazeroon city

City population : 310,534 people
Rural households : 29,380 people
Rural Population : 127,041 people
The rural population : 4/3
Urban households : 40,250 people
Urban Population : 183,463 people
The urban population : 4/6
Nomads : 614
Tribal Population : 2922
After tribal population : 4/8
The total number of health centers covered: 21
Urban Health : 9
Rural health centers : 12
Health Databases LIVE : 12
Total number of health houses : 98
128 hospital beds : 1
bullet3.pngClimatic conditions , geographical area of ​​city:
KAZERUN city area of ​​approximately 4548/2 square kilometers , about 265 villages. 's City of Shiraz in the West a distance of 155 kilometers from north to south and southwest of the city Borazjan Mamasani city from the south-east of the city Farashband and Firoozabad is limited . , this city consists of five sections ( Jarreh Baladh - Clay and Kmarj - Kvhmrh - Ghaemieh and central part ) and 6 cities ( Kazeroon - Ghaemieh - Nvdan - Clay - Knartkhth and Baladh ) is. altitude from sea level to 732 meters.

Annual rainfall average of 500 mm of rain during the years of low rainfall is approximately 300 mm .

Climate: The city's maximum temperature to 49 degrees above zero and at least 6 degrees below zero .

KAZERUN one of the oldest cities in Iran which is based on the writings of scholars , dating back to the Sassanid era refers to the owner of the book Qrhh Alqlvb hamdollah Mostofi says :

Goran B. The ( KAZERUN ) G. Urban and his son made ​​the supreme municipal building was added . Dehkhoda in their dictionaries writes KAZERUN the western city of Shiraz in Fars say, it First Tahmourespour institution building and then broke down the language KAZERUN , along with local dialect of Persian, Turkish, Qashqai nomads and specific specific local Arab villages and Baladh sector is Jarreh .

Religion: Religion is the duodenal branch of the city , the people are brave , hardworking and hospitable and cultured, and committed to the principles and values ​​of Islam.

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